Caves of Qud Review
Prieš 4 mėnesius
Bowl Of Carrots
Bowl Of Carrots Prieš val
Wow this game sounds like a country I live in hmm
Shaddykack Prieš 2 val
Ayo’ Sseth! Why yo DRIP so clean?
Terry Parker
Terry Parker Prieš 2 val
So the cravers are Tyranids.
Seldom UPLOADS Prieš 2 val
Does Ben 10 Zombie Halloween actually have Occulus Rift support?
African Warlord
African Warlord Prieš 3 val
Bystrokhodny Tank 42
Bystrokhodny Tank 42 Prieš 4 val
9:38 i saw the femboy I liked And subscribed
Muffle Prieš 4 val
You should try out Satisfactory. Still in early access though.
Mate397 Prieš 5 val
>no episode 2 after 5 years EXPLAIN YOURSELF.
That Wildcard
That Wildcard Prieš 6 val
His ancestry gives him too much comedic power. We have to stop him before he becomes too powerful.
xxblackguyxx4 Prieš 7 val
PuzzledProspect Prieš 7 val
Coming back to this in 2021 and it seems like they hit the nail on the head
Dustin Lawson
Dustin Lawson Prieš 7 val
im worried that he didnt have to buy that 'door handle' and just had it laying around the house.
Ryan Guo
Ryan Guo Prieš 7 val
i thought Rance is genghis khan
Max Gustafsson
Max Gustafsson Prieš 7 val
7:03 Hahaha where did you find this cancer?
Richard ps
Richard ps Prieš 7 val
Looks like the drug crazed dream of a Majesty fan boy
Richard ps
Richard ps Prieš 7 val
I love that this guy is massively popular, but hardly ever does content
Lil Goop
Lil Goop Prieš 8 val
I played the fuck out of this game when I was young and when I became an adult I couldn't remember what it was called. Thanks to my favorite merchant for reuniting me with this game.
UnDeaDCyBorg Prieš 8 val
I remember trying the game (or its predecessor, not sure anymore) years ago. All went well until I came to combat, and found out I could only give units orders individually. The AI had no such problem. ... I think it was the first part.
Ian B
Ian B Prieš 9 val
its 2021 and this is now recommended
Hagashager Prieš 9 val
9:17 Actually,, it would start in Wuhan, China. You were a dick to your roommate Sseth
Dustin Lawson
Dustin Lawson Prieš 10 val
if your a man this is pretty much an american divorce court simulator.
Furthermore, Prieš 10 val
I've been playing this for the last 2 days, and fucking hell it's AMAZING.
yes Prieš 10 val
This video ruined SS13, fuck you.
Nikitas Philippides
Nikitas Philippides Prieš 10 val
This is how you inform your audience about a hiatus
Dreioo Prieš 10 val
Imagine wanting to play this game... I envy you.
Dustin Lawson
Dustin Lawson Prieš 10 val
Fu*k you youtube.i dont need a warning my damn account is 13 years old.
Hann Vok
Hann Vok Prieš 11 val
Turn on English subs and go to 16:51
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas Prieš 11 val
Wilfred single-handley ends every social issue using his massive peen.
Snails Prieš 11 val
pov: you are schizoaffective and being tortured by the schizophrenic ethno-state
XXXVI Prieš 12 val
9:26 For some reason, that bone dog running away with human leg was truly cute. Who's a good man-eating boy? Yes you are! xD
Anti- Social
Anti- Social Prieš 12 val
imagine not selling tannin tea smh
emarskineel Prieš 13 val
A lot of this voice acting feels furry adjacent.
Lord Sauron
Lord Sauron Prieš 13 val
This video didnt age well lol
NODZZ Prieš 13 val
For the original Total Annihilation, the part about the pathfinding is still true enough but the air is much better. To the extend that me and my friends have taken to using the phrase "Can't move? I'll go air."
Dejan Andric
Dejan Andric Prieš 13 val
Oven dodging- God damn it I'm in a library and holding back laughing tears
Kerath Prieš 13 val
Based game, cucked devs... every fucking time.
Terry Parker
Terry Parker Prieš 14 val
Your immediate stabbing.
Carl Wilspang
Carl Wilspang Prieš 15 val
Thought at the first it was ironic, then i saw the date of video
Michael Trant
Michael Trant Prieš 15 val
Best game I've played in a long time. Finaly scratched that fire fly itch I've had for years
Carpeted Shower
Carpeted Shower Prieš 16 val
This is *almost* racist.
Hollow time
Hollow time Prieš 16 val
Iss' mal ne Wurst Bruder
A. Criticus
A. Criticus Prieš 16 val
For some reason I keep mixing up Seth with Mr. Falcon.
Karl The Jarl
Karl The Jarl Prieš 16 val
I still love surprises in labs on the Stable version. Sadly the Experimental doesn't have it anymore.
FreezeBlase Prieš 16 val
i don't think the code is valid anymore
Brandon Morel Rojas
Brandon Morel Rojas Prieš 16 val
Vini, Vici, Stop sleeping with my wife brother.
Cero Cero
Cero Cero Prieš 17 val
It is now on steam, there is no longer a excuse to not play Caravaneer 2
Corey Moore
Corey Moore Prieš 17 val
I've .... been watching this for two weeks.... every day I think I might need help or maybe his content is so good that lots of people watch like me
WankSonk Prieš 18 val
bibinator Prieš 19 val
I'm disturbed
Real Peter Mitchell
Real Peter Mitchell Prieš 19 val
Game suggestion: Armies of Exigo. It's an RTS from 2004 made by Black Hole Studios (the same people who made Heroes of Might and Magic 6h) and distributed by EA, and is essentially Warcraft 3 with an underground layer. Unfortunately, it's not on any official store, and can only legally be bought second hand on disk via EBay or Amazon and such.
bud389 Prieš 21 val
Was that intro a reference to Ishmael?
Curseius Gaming
Curseius Gaming Prieš 21 val
he's turning her into a papa john's i literally almost pissed myself
Royal Raptor Gaming
Royal Raptor Gaming Prieš 21 val
a most intriguing comments section, I could get some tea or coffee and read it like a morning news paper lol.
Joseph Kellett
Joseph Kellett Prieš 22 val
This was like soothouse before soothouse
Seemore Buhtts
Seemore Buhtts Prieš 22 val
Muffle Prieš 22 val
Kathryn is 2nd best girl
Spoopy Spider
Spoopy Spider Prieš 22 val
I literally came for the hentai stayed for the game, 100% the fucking shit with all the addons 10/10 download this game fucking degenerates
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard Prieš 23 val
Yes, Fish Mommy
TheColt5495 Prieš 23 val
The bigotry in Ssethzeentach's videos is irony, right? Please tell me it's irony.
Ivan Mišković
Ivan Mišković Prieš dieną
Unless there is the plague *LTlost circa 2018* Emm close enough.
9D C9
9D C9 Prieš dieną
"gave him some weetabix or some shit" lmao.
Calamity2007 Prieš dieną
"Deux ex depicts a world that has suffered a global pandemic and the populace gets a vaccine that only treats the symptoms." Hahahaha yeah what science fiction is that, hahaha.....
Hugh Shaftner
Hugh Shaftner Prieš dieną
So its pretty much modern day America
Terry Parker
Terry Parker Prieš dieną
Yes I always have wanted to be a crack head.
123 456
123 456 Prieš dieną
Commenting to confirm that I 100% got stoned to death by a pack of baboons. And then re-sped'd to Pyrokinesis and turned them all into piles of ash :)
Warm Cold
Warm Cold Prieš dieną
1:22 G I A N N A M I C H A E L S
Gamerbob8365 Prieš dieną
What is the song in the end credits? It's amazing, please help
Ice Cold
Ice Cold Prieš dieną
1:15 I am crying. I swear
Seeking Origin
Seeking Origin Prieš dieną
If you'd only waited 13 months to publish this
Lord Touch Me
Lord Touch Me Prieš dieną
What the fuck happened to the subtitles?
Anonymous Annoying Mouse
Anonymous Annoying Mouse Prieš dieną
I jus cryd reeding the store Thamks for shereing
cloudcolumn cat
cloudcolumn cat Prieš dieną
I know your girlfriend image came from lol
Fox Hound
Fox Hound Prieš dieną
Das ist Hans. Es ist nichts falsch mit dem Spiel. Es ist für die gehärteten Rollenspieler konzipiert.
mohsen nikkho
mohsen nikkho Prieš dieną
wt* was that
Hi Dere OWO
Hi Dere OWO Prieš dieną
More SS13 stories please.
Dr Coomer
Dr Coomer Prieš dieną
I don't like this
Sylvain Dorion
Sylvain Dorion Prieš dieną
Turn your family tree into a family circle, lol crying laughing only Sseth come up with crazy sh like that
Liviu Valache
Liviu Valache Prieš dieną
Those Russian setup windows are so nostalgic to me
Bibi lunic et le seul
Bibi lunic et le seul Prieš dieną
We need this game remade in 3D it would be amazing
Nedko Boqnov
Nedko Boqnov Prieš dieną
Oh man when i saw Spellforce my heart skipped a beat