Caves of Qud Review
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Rashwan Prieš 3 val
The mark of an advanced civilization is a police station
Mechafinch Personal
Mechafinch Personal Prieš 3 val
Sphynx salt is Chronos from Katana Zero lmao
R. G. C.
R. G. C. Prieš 4 val
As a decade long player of NGD Studios first game I find it unbelievable that anyone would hire them to work on their games. NGD has never been able to patch the simplest bugs or make any design decision that resulted in anything other than a exodus away from the game. Hopefully Amplitude didn't allow them to make any design decisions and thoroughly checked any code they worked on.
Xsidon Prieš 4 val
ofcourse we are kurwa fluent in Polish kurwa mać
AW Prieš 5 val
“my favorite pokemon is welfarion”😭
BDBrazy Prieš 6 val
Ground Koala Soap
Ground Koala Soap Prieš 8 val
What game is at 3:06?
Snowblind Ocelot
Snowblind Ocelot Prieš 8 val
Oh how far we've come
Joshinken 2
Joshinken 2 Prieš 9 val
The video starts with the composer for might and magic And mysteriously sseth then praises the game for it’s soundtrack Hmmmmmmmmmm...
corvusification Prieš 11 val
Joke is on you sseth, doom has novelizations. 4 of them in fact
Dennis K
Dennis K Prieš 11 val
Fine, now I just need a refrigerator to play it... twice)))
Florida Man
Florida Man Prieš 11 val
Empiresfan Prieš 11 val
Do an Age of Decadence review!!!
cagnusthebeast Prieš 13 val
I have played this game for years and only now i realize the horrible reality of workforce ghettos and the gentryfied centers that you're basically forced to create if you wanna win the game...
Ugliest Bump
Ugliest Bump Prieš 13 val
Fireballs look like cut and past memes
Tobias J.A. Anderson
Tobias J.A. Anderson Prieš 16 val
Bruh, he callin out Chinese colonization. Why tf is this channel so based!?
Tobias J.A. Anderson
Tobias J.A. Anderson Prieš 16 val
When I see "Gamers rise up" memes, I think of this channel.
Nitej Prieš 16 val
0:01 Internet historian???
ErgonomicChair Prieš 16 val
They're just cousins so technically its fine.
Kitseeri Prieš 17 val
honestly, the Australia theory makes sense why else is it all desert
jason serolod
jason serolod Prieš 18 val
Owen Lindhartsen
Owen Lindhartsen Prieš 19 val
Holy shit that's a sinking ship
Kiefer I
Kiefer I Prieš 19 val
Is this what Elden Right is going to be like?
Tyrone da Vikang
Tyrone da Vikang Prieš 19 val
Isn't this just the plot of World's End Harem?
heathmcrigsby Prieš 20 val
Sam Hyde has ascended from cleric to prophet with his female cops episode.
Incognite Freak
Incognite Freak Prieš 20 val
Oh yes
BurncideGRPW Prieš 20 val
But.. but Miyazaki didn't work on DS2..
Silent Watcher
Silent Watcher Prieš 21 val
Good thing everybody still love Shena's ass in the mobile version.
Incognite Freak
Incognite Freak Prieš 21 val
Wtf sseth
Incognite Freak
Incognite Freak Prieš 21 val
I'm on lsd time to rush all of your videos
Loquen Prieš 22 val
kinda sad that this is by a LONG shot the most popular endless space video. All the actual gameplay videos of last year are at most 3k views or so
Marcelo Silveira
Marcelo Silveira Prieš 22 val
1:15 small over complication, in the Book of Nod, God banishes Cain from Eden, and he finds Lilith, Adam’s first wife and a witch. SHE teatches Cain the Disciplines... then God realizes that he screwed up hard and send three angels to persuade Cain to return to Eden and beg for forgiviness so God can erase him from existance (though the book of Nod never goes on why he needed to go to God for that to happen, in Demon, the Fallen, it is revealed that God got pissed off by Lucifer’s rebellion, and it’s mere touch on the universe doomed it. The elipitical orbits, instead of perfect circles, the astronomical colisions, black holes and the inevitable heat death of the universe was all because of that... so God is too powerful to directly intervene without destroying everything, and the angels were busy fighting demons, so Cain had to willingly put himself somewhere where god could destroy him without screwing what was left of the universe). Well, Cain don’t fancy being erased from the universe, so he denies all 3 calls, and for each refusal he got one curse: The bane of the Sun (his blasphemy was such that God’s sight would burn him) The bane of Fire (his blasphemy made him so impure that fire would cleanse him for good) The bane of solitude (he would never rule humanity, for he would crave their blood and inevitably prey upon them, denying him the recognition he craved... moreover, his progeny would forever fight each other, denying him any chance at having a happy family) after this last one he leaves Lilith, which may be his curse already taking effect. It is never quite clear how he becomes immortal, but it is Lilith that teaches him (almost) all of the powers of thee blood, from looking alieve to the Disciplines, so it was probably her that thought him the secrets of unlife as well. Lilith may also be the crone who later on binds cain in the first ever Blood Bind, as the Crone was the one other figure who taught Cain about the powers of his Blood... Lilith’s last lesson after he tried to leave her, that he could not, would be thematically appropriate for both figures, so it may be the case in this RPG.
The Littlest Giant
The Littlest Giant Prieš 23 val
Skooma is smoked, you lore noob.
Coleson Smithson
Coleson Smithson Prieš 23 val
That suicide warning was for the people reading the wiki, not the people putting their characters on it.
Hexen Wulf
Hexen Wulf Prieš dieną
Holy shit I thought this video came out in 2020... Fuck.
Sixth YouTube Account So Far
Sixth YouTube Account So Far Prieš 13 val
Early 2019 actually
Hexen Wulf
Hexen Wulf Prieš dieną
Your voice slips sometimes and we can hear that you're actually Jack Patillo from Achievement Hunter.
Hexen Wulf
Hexen Wulf Prieš dieną
Your accent is weird. Did you learn it from a speak and spell?
Gravemind Prieš dieną
0:54 ScarnonCunce !
epicghandi Prieš dieną
Fuck youtube Fuck google. NO im not sending you a picture of my fucking id.
つきは うつた
つきは うつた Prieš dieną
Хороший видос слушай.
kavky Prieš dieną
>shitcoins >doge is close to half a dollar right now lul
Igor Maryshev
Igor Maryshev Prieš dieną
Mandaloregaming official height: 3"11(with booster seats) God, I love those little, friendly jokes😂
That Unknown Internet Guy
That Unknown Internet Guy Prieš dieną
I'm sold.
Matty 2Cat
Matty 2Cat Prieš dieną
Why TF is a single dram of water 1 pound? That was my biggest problem with the game
Sky Sweeper
Sky Sweeper Prieš dieną
I'm just waiting for Seth to play The Guild 2
Tren Kong
Tren Kong Prieš dieną
What's the name of the song, it's too nostalgic.
Alfonso Danieli
Alfonso Danieli Prieš dieną
Fuckin nerd
SHARemation Prieš dieną
morality is spook
Random Nothingness
Random Nothingness Prieš dieną
I just got the sandy loam joke...
Kou Uraki
Kou Uraki Prieš dieną
as a morbidly obese man in a grease stained zelda shirt I am already offended
Worms The Name
Worms The Name Prieš dieną
Vyre Zvahl
Vyre Zvahl Prieš dieną
Pssh, it ain't even as old as Diablo. :P
M0butu Prieš dieną
You cannot mention Arcanum and skip the most bureaucratic mission in CRPG history: The Tarant - Caladon railway summit.
Silas Mograth
Silas Mograth Prieš dieną
4:26 "Zeb Atlas" I see Sseth has an impeccable taste when it comes to men.
Heath Anderson
Heath Anderson Prieš dieną
What’s up with using the African dude - you Identity Thief!!
Null S
Null S Prieš dieną
God damn it drawf fortress, I hear about you very rarely - but you are able to cause some of the most unintentionally hilarious situations that I’ve heard about in years.
gamEngineering Prieš dieną
Set, you should check new game Highfleet. I'm sure you'll like it.
sparrow sparrow
sparrow sparrow Prieš dieną
Oh please, once you figure out how to turn invisible and squeeze it to Eeofol you break the game using the wishing well. Brilliant game design. Why do we play this thing?
восходить Prieš dieną
That rundown of the mythology was 10/10 dude
Berkay Koç
Berkay Koç Prieš dieną
Man never have I expected to see Erdogan in a Sseth video about Deus Ex... which is actually pretty accurate in terms of context lmao
sparrow sparrow
sparrow sparrow Prieš dieną
Pâtisserie "La soleil". I can feel the French audience cringe... Wait, is there any?
windchester45 Prieš dieną
Not enough people are subscribed to you
SpaceBoiGaming Prieš dieną
what show is that ending?
Mr371312 Prieš dieną
Oh wow I thought I was watching a recent history recap my bad
Jérémy Lamarche Richard
Jérémy Lamarche Richard Prieš dieną
For some reason it is the only video that i can't watch.
Micah Sapienza
Micah Sapienza Prieš dieną
Between death and inconvenience, i choose oblivion. Sseth, How'd you get my yearbook quote?
TaJames Prieš dieną
wallman96 Prieš dieną
Well we can expect you eventually touch the rest of the might and magic games or gonna do the similar ones from those good old years
Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト 【VTuber-EN】
Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト 【VTuber-EN】 Prieš dieną
Oh boy... I have no fond memories of this game when I got it on Steam. The Senran Kagura art style is really deceptive, and there's LOTS of rape and gore scenes here as if it's competing with Rance or something. And yes I just had enough when I encountered the said Monster Bowling Ball scene, it's like Euphoria and Maggots all over again.
Geedis Prieš dieną
pls remove FagdaloreGaming from your channels page
pong1041 Prieš 2 dienas
didnt you once have a review about a strategie game where you played it for a long time after you finished the story, and one city kept on having a plague, and ships constantly attacked your routes. some game where you attacked with rice farmers or so... cant find it, miss it, wanted to ask if its gone or i misremember! :)
Tobias J.A. Anderson
Tobias J.A. Anderson Prieš 2 dienas
"Already fluent in Polish", HA! *Sczrszeams*
NoGround Prieš 2 dienas
Big new patch is out!
General Snake
General Snake Prieš 2 dienas
Wen BluePirate
Wen BluePirate Prieš dieną
not so shit now
Finger Picking Good
Finger Picking Good Prieš 2 dienas
R E M O V E N ' W A H
ShvetZ Prieš 2 dienas
Ындага дыр бубуль!!!
HORNSY_THE_SHEK Prieš 2 dienas
Yury Cat Eye
Yury Cat Eye Prieš 2 dienas
Once again I visit this relic... Its 2021 and I still watch this.